About sex toys

"Adult toys are an innocent form of satisfying sexual desires. They also help in facilitating safe sex thus preventing unwanted pregnancies, controlling population growth and spread of HIV."

A sex toy is an object or device that is primarily used to facilitate human sexual pleasure. The most popular sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals and may be vibrating or non-vibrating. The term can also include BDSM apparatus and sex furniture such as slings, however it is not applied to items such as birth control, pornography, or condoms Says Dr Prakash Kothari, professor of sexual medicine at Mumbai's KEM Hospital, "Adult toys are an innocent form of satisfying sexual desires. They also help in facilitating safe sex thus preventing unwanted pregnancies, controlling population growth and spread of HIV.

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Why Use Sex Toys?

Why would anyone want to buy or use a sex toy? The answer is simple... they make sexual efforts easy, while maximizing pleasure & creativity.

Sex toys enhance your sex life with or without a partner. For those times when you are with your partner, sex toys can make foreplay, intercourse, or even post coital moments fantastic. They also make a great substitute partner for periods when one is in between sexual relationships.

There are so many ways that people enjoy using sex toys. Because there are so many available for pleasuring various parts of the body and many creative things one can do with just one of their sex toys.

Couples that use sex toys alone and together in relationships tend to have a strong level of open communication, trust and unconditional love for their partners. Sex toys allow men and women to tap into creative sex and there is such beauty in allowing ourselves and/or partner to enjoy the pleasures they bring.

Benefits of Sex Toys

Sex toys can enhance sexual performance. For example, using a vibrator on a woman's clitoris when a man is performing oral sex can often bring her to heights of ecstasy she has never known. Also, using a vibrator on a man's anus or balls while performing fellatio on him can leave him in a post-coital bliss unlike he's ever known. The variety of the roles sex toys can have in enhancing sexual play are limitless. Even just using a cock ring during intercourse can make a world of difference. The only way to know... is to try.

Sex toys can allow one to perform sexual acts that may be difficult to sustain for long periods of time. There is of course the obvious issue that many men find a challenge in that they may reach orgasm more quickly than their female partner and then are unable to continue with using their erect penis to pleasure her. Sex toys allow him to stimulate her quickly in the beginning to the point of orgasm so that she is already sated before he climaxes, or after he does. This way she will always feel equally satisfied.

There is also the issue of fatigue and cramping... have you ever been doing something to your partner or yourself, but you found your fingers, hands, neck, back, legs or mouth were getting tired and perhaps even cramping? Sex toys allow you to continue pleasuring your partner and give you less work and effort.

Sex toys are great for those times when one partner “wants to” and the other partner doesn't or can’t. It allows the partner who feels like sexual pleasure the option of having it while adding the aid of a sex toy to the mix.
Sex toys promote good health, as orgasms release stress and tension, and is a great way to start the day or at night to help one sleep.
Sex toys allow sexual release for those with partners who have disabilities that keep them from normal sexual performance.
Sex toys allow partners to have incredible phone sex with one another when they have a long distance relationship or have to be separated from one another for a while.

Adult toys are an innocent form of satisfying sexual desires. They also help in facilitating safe sex thus preventing unwanted pregnancies, controlling population growth and spread of HIV.
For those individuals who are or have a partner who is substantially overweight, there can be difficulty in achieving sexual stimulation to one another. When sexual positions that allow for better access to the genitals do not work well, sex toys are an obvious answer to allow overweight couples and individuals to continue having a great sex life.

Sex With Disabilities

We are all at risk for becoming disabled because unfortunately accidents, birth defects and unfortunate side effects from medications and disease do occur. Whether you or your partner are disabled, think about what may be possible by using sex toys.

We are happy to report that a man paralyzed from the waist down was able to achieve ejaculation by using the Hitachi Magic Wand for the first time in 7 years! While he was not able to have the same sensations as someone who had feeling there, he was very pleased psychologically as was his girlfriend! Not to mention the fact that it is healthy to do it and still provides endorphins to the body!

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Myths and facts about sex toys

Myth: Sex toys are only for people who have a bad sex life, or no sex life:

Sex Toy Fact: Everyone and anyone you can image is the kind of person who uses sex toys. In fact research on vibrator use suggests that people who are having sex use sex toys more than those who aren’t, and that between 20-30% of people have used sex toys at least once in their lives. Sex toys aren’t a crutch or a cure-all, they are an addition to sexual repertoire.

Myth: Sex toys are addictive:

Sex Toy Fact:Addiction implies harm, and there is nothing harmful about using sex toys (as long as they’re used properly). It’s true that people can become used to using sex toys, and even come to rely on them, but there is no “withdrawal” and anyone can easily get themselves back to masturbation or partner sex without sex toys. People who suggest that vibrator addiction is real tend to be people who think that any sex toy use is too much sex toy use. Read more about the truth behind vibrator addiction.

If a woman has a sex toy, she won’t need a man:

Sex Toy Fact:Sex toys are not replacements for people. A sex toy won’t make you breakfast, or cuddle, or tell you how much it loves you. Many men are intimidated by sex toys because they have been raised with the idea that the most important thing about them is what’s between their legs. These myths about male sexuality sink in early, and as a result most men are insecure about their sexual importance. Also, let’s remember that there are lots of women who don’t want a man in the first place, and a sex toy isn’t going to change that one way or the other.

Myth: Guys only use sex toys because they can’t get any “real” sex:

Sex Toy Fact:The cliché about men and sex toys is the guy in the raincoat, buying the “masturbator” and watching porn in his basement while masturbating. The reality about men and sex toys is that millions of them use them, in one study it was 21% of respondents, both when they are in relationships and single. The best way for a man to become a better lover is to learn more about his own sexual response. Masturbation, with or without sex toys, is the key to this, and to learning to control ejaculation. Using sex toys doesn’t mean a man is a loser, it means he’s smart, and likely to be better in bed for it.

Myth: Sex toys make sex less natural:

Sex Toy Fact:Most of us are raised being told many lies about sex among them that “natural sex” means one thing only. Is drawing less “natural” when we use a pencil and paper? Is painting more “natural” if we use our own blood, rather than paints? Of course not. Yet sex is somehow less “natural” if we use tools and toys to make it different. Sex toys are animated not by batteries but by our imaginations, and using sex toys is as natural as the people using them.

Myth: There are bad sex toys and good sex toys:

Sex Toy Fact:With the exception of a few sex toys that pose obvious risks, there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” sex toy. Sex toys are whatever we do with them. A vibrator that would be too strong, too heavy, and painful for one person might be perfect for another. A dildo that feels sticky and looks weird to one, might be the ideal shape, size and texture for another. The trick is to find the sex toy that’s right for you, but most sex toys will be good for some people, and bad for others.

Myth: The more you pay for a sex toy, the better it is:

Sex Toy Fact:A $6 vibrator might give you more pleasure than a $300 vibrator. More expensive sex toys should last longer, be made of better materials, and maybe come from smaller, more ethically run companies, but they won’t necessarily feel better or give you more pleasure. Sex toys are like most other commercial products in that the budget ones will do the trick, and more often than not, that’s all we’re looking for. Read more about high end sex toys.

Myth: Sex toys are kinky:

Fact:Words like “kinky” and “normal” are completely relative and while they may govern what you feel comfortable talking about (or doing) in public, the sooner you realize that everyone is “kinky” behind closed doors, the happier and less stressful your sex life will be. Sex toys don’t make sex kinky, and using them doesn’t “say” anything about the kind of person you are, other than the fact that you’re the kind of person who feels worthy of sexual pleasure. Which is a highly respectable reputation to have in any social circle.

Myth: Sex toys can cause damage to your body:

Sex Toy Fact:Those people who would rather us not use sex toys at all come up with a variety of arguments for why they are bad. They’re addictive, their weird, and if you use them you can ruin yourself for “real sex”. For starters, “real sex” is any kind of sex you’re having or thinking about having. Also, there is no evidence whatsoever that sex toys can damage or harm your sexual sensitivity or genitalia. Of course you could always poke out an eye if you don’t use your sex toy properly, but the same is true of your can opener, and no one’s telling you to throw that away.

Reference: http://sexuality.about.com/od/sextoys/p/sex_toy_facts.htm
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