About Us

Praxis group was established in the year 2005 with the vision of overcoming the shortcomings faced in the field of family health planning and HIV/AIDS prevention in Nepal. Under this  group, Praxis Trade Link Pvt. Ltd. has actively been involved in sales/marketing and promotion of famous brand Skinless Skin condom and other famous condom brands like Inspiral,durex and Maya. Besides this, Praxis group was also the first company to introduce and promote the usage of female condom brand "Vamour" in Nepal. In the present era of globalisation and aggressive competition, Praxis group is now launching "Sweet Secret" to cater to the needs of the open minded youths of Nepal.
We assure all our customers that all the records, personal information and other details will be kept confidential and secret.

Sweet Secret is the first erotic shop in Nepal with legal registration and permission from the Government of Nepal and will be marketed and promoted by Om Praxis Pvt. Ltd. It is a complete and modern erotic showroom with proper display of different types and varieties of sex toys. Both female and male sex toys are available which will boost the sexual pleasure and fantasy with or without any partner. The showroom also sells condoms, lubes, vibrators and other stuffs that will intensify the sexual pleasure and make sex more interesting and fun without causing harm to anybody. With so many options available for sex toys, condoms and lubes, we can guarantee that it will be easy for our customers to make choices on the basis of brand names, features, needs, and budget.

Sweet Secret also sells its product through internet. Customers can log on www.sweetsecret.com.np where they choose their product according to their choice and order directly from the website. In this website the customers or normal people also raise the questions related to sexual problems, sex diseases and about the products, that will be answered and advised by our sex expert Doctors.

To aware about sexual transmitted diseases, advice of sex related problems and answers related to our products by Doctors through our website.
To provide branded condoms, lubes and other sex related products for the safety and fun.
To facilitate customers in making choices according to their needs of sex toys, condoms, lubes etc.
To help customers have more fun & enjoyment without the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.
To discourage the habits of having sex with strangers & multiple sex partners, which might be quite unsafe.
To provide cheap products with several features with unlimited satisfaction.


We assure all our customers that all the records, personal information and other details will be kept confidential and secret.

Social responsibility:

Praxis group has been involved in the sales/marketing and promoting of male and female contraceptives for the past 6 years. As mentioned above, Praxis group has a common goal and vision of promoting safe sexual practices and usage of family planning methods.

Through our website www.sweetsecret.com.np ,Doctors will be advising the queries of the people or customers related to their sex problems, sex diseases and about our products as well.

Similarly, Sweet Secret does not mislead or encourage bad habits and practices amongst the people. In fact, Sweet Secret promises to add more fun or ecstasy in normal sexual activities. The main aim of the shop is not to spread vulgarity but teach and spread the idea of healthy and safe sexual activities in the society. That’s why Sweet Secret was given permission to function and has been registered under the government of Nepal, which only lets operation of any kind only if it is according to the law, rules and regulations of government and the society. We guarantee that the products available in Sweet Secret will help in achieving the common goal of reduction and prevention of HIV/AIDS and STDs, and at the same time make sex more fun and safe.

Home delivery of our products with great secrecy i.e. delivery by female for female customers and male customers too by delivery man or as wish of customers.
* Secrecy is like our motto. We assure all our customers that we keep secret all the records, personal information and other details of the customers as they want.
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